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Dear Jing,

   I have been using Quantum Biofeedback for about 3 years since I’ve met you, and it has changed my life a lot. The most important part is my sleep. Before I started to use biofeedback, I had insomnia. Every morning when I woke up by the alarm clock, only my eyes were awake, while my body was still asleep, I felt tired, but had to get up and start the day's work, and then drag home exhausted. I sleep, wake up, and restart the cycle of another bad day. I guess a good night's sleep can heal your life. When I first came into contact with Quantum Biofeedback, I was skeptical. I gave it a chance and used it for a period of time. It greatly changed my sleep, I was no longer anxious about getting up, my mind was clearer than ever, and I could think a lot clearer as well. In the past few years of using Quantum Biofeedback, I found that it has improved my overall health. For example, one day, I found that my stomach disease was cured. Another example is that one day, I found that my wound healing ability has become stronger.  I am amazed at how quickly a small wound that used to take a long time to heal, now heals without scars, even at my age. I'm almost 50 years old. In short, there will always be some surprises that are constantly being discovered.
    Thank you very much to my friend Jing, the experienced practitioner of Quantum Biofeedback, and to the inventor of Genius Quantum Biofeedback, bless all of you.
Sincerely your friend,


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