I would highly recommend giving Quantum Biofeedback a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I know people are skeptical on trying new things. But think about it we are so quick to try man-made medicine to help our physical ailments why not try a non-invasive method with no side effects. It makes sense, doesn't it? If our emotional and mental state is off balance then of course our physical body is would suffer as well. From the very first time, Jing read me the results I was in shock at how she was able to tell me the health conditions I was suffering from. I was a believer from that moment on. Jing has been working with me for several months now and there has yet to be a time the results were incorrect. Jing is invested and committed to helping people which is why I would trust her and this program. Give it a negative side effects!


I have struggled with limiting thoughts and insecurity throughout my life. Feelings of not being good enough and second-guessing myself were “normal.” So, as we did Breakthrough to Success, the affirmations were just what I needed! The negative thoughts were cleared and positive affirmations inserted. 

I had physical effects from the frequencies where my head would feel the pressure the first few times I would listen. Then, as I became more balanced, the pressure would subside. The most amazing effect of the frequencies, and why I would tell everyone to do them, is I quickly became more confident and secure in my decision making! I was surprised by the peace I felt the first time I made a decision and didn’t second guess myself afterward. 

As a Christian, I believe God is using the frequencies to help inspire my own healing. I’m so thankful for this modality because I’m seeing such great results in my own life. 


Since I discovered Genius Quantum Biofeedback from you in March, I have been pleasantly surprised after using it. Here I will tell you about my changes.
   1. I used to feel tired, powerless, dreamy and had bad sleep. Now, I still dream a lot, but it doesn’t affect my sleep. I feel energetic every day. 

   2. My left kidney that has been sore for 10 years, is no longer a problem. 

   3. My stomach. Indigestion, stomachache that I have been experiencing has been healed.   

   4. My brain is gradually getting smarter, and my memory is improving. 
   With the latest findings, my hair loss has gradually decreased.
   Genius Quantum Biofeedback is a magic thing. I feel like my life has become easier.



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"Everything in life is vibration."
- Albert Einstein
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