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Ketosis is a process that happens when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates to burn for energy. Instead, it burns fat and makes things called Ketones, which can be used as fuel by your body.



Many people have found some of the benefits of getting into ketosis include weight loss, improved mental clarity, prevention of cognitive decline

Weight Loss

Improved Mental Clarity

and more at least for some period of time. 

Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Diet Plan

The idea of a ketosis diet plan is to force the burning of stored fat for fuel. It requires a rigorous change in diet. The reason that a ketosis diet plan can be effective particularly in the beginning is because, as you strictly limit your carbohydrates intake, you need to clean up certain parts of your diet significantly, such as refined sugar and processed carbohydrates, including bread, pasta, cookies, muffins, and bagels. Putting yourself on a ketosis diet will cause your body to release all additional glycogen storages since very little carbohydrates are being consumed. If you find that your clothes fit better after 1-2 weeks of a ketosis plan, it may be because you have released the glycogen stores and had some water weight loss as well. It does not always turn into permanent weight loss, but may be a good way to get a jump start on a diet.


Dr. John McDougall has stated that “the fat you eat is the fat you wear”. It is very easy to overeat high-fat foods because they have an effect on our brains that is hard-wired for our survival. High-fat foods increase a dopamine response in the body. This dopamine response causes us to crave more of these foods, almost without being able to control the amount consumed. Any type of high-fat food has high caloric density: 1 gram of fat has 9 calories, v.s. 1 gram of protein or 1 gram of carbs has 4 calories.


Be very careful of high-fat diets over a long-time as it could actually lead to weight gain and not weight loss.



The idea with the Ketosis Activation Program is to set up a very similar effect with frequencies. This program includes: 






You can use the Ketosis Activation Program in the following ways to maximize effect:


  • With your regular current diet to assist you in reducing blood sugar stress disturbance, or insulin-resistance stress disturbance

  • With a low-carbohydrate diet consisting of some fat and moderate protein, where refined sugar and processed carbohydrates have been removed from the diet.

  • In a cycling approach, where you go on a ketosis-like plan, very low carbohydrate for 1-3 weeks and then a re-feeding time of moderate carbohydrates/low fat for 4-6 weeks.

  • With your current diet while practicing intermittent fasting. This means consuming your last meal about 3 hours before bedtime and then not eating again until about 12 pm the next day or even a little bit later.

Achieve Ketosis

Optimize Blood Sugar Remedies

Maximize Lean Muscle and Fat Burning

If you are interested in using this Ketosis Activation Program to get a jump start on a diet, or to enhance your weight loss results, please book a session with me on my website to find out what are the frequencies from my Ketosis Activation Program that your energy system is calling for.

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